Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sponsored Post: Step into Christmas in Style

Christmas is just around the corner guys, are you excited about it!? 

Personally, I don’t really have a proper traditional Christmas dinner or anything, however, my family hosted the party two years ago and it was so good. The reason was that it would be amazing to be gathered by family members and relatives who I had not seen for ages. We live in the modernized society, so it is hard to get together since everyone has his/her own responsibilities to do at the momentIt is sad to be 6,000 miles away from my family this year and I guess it is too late to get a flight ticket at the moment. That’s the sad part of my story…

When I saw this video by it’s able to somehow remind me of what would I have done if I had a chance to celebrate this festive season with my friends. I think it is very cute because it is about women in their 20s having a great time on Christmas. It is quite fashionable and festive at the same time, isn’t it?

‘’Step into Christmas in Style’’ by is all about the fun brand Ambassador, Fearne Cotton and her friends. I love the way which all of them start emerging from the magazines because they look so lively! I am writing this post just to share my favourite Christmas’s video because for me, I love I will always choose fun and happy videos over more emotional ones.I can’t watch the sad one because it is going to make me cry and miss my home even more! Therefore, hopefully this cheerful and stylish Chistmas video will be able to brighten up your day too!

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Why Sportswear ? x Get The Label

From Addias jacket from "Winter I'm Ready x Get The Label" post to the Nike one in the latest, Get The Label provided me with full stream sports items in order to be matched with my street style.  

Sometimes I find it difficult to select the products since I don't really wear anything girly. However, I can't use such excuse for all of my life, can I? Because for me, fashion is all about pairing the clothes to be your signature look. It is quite challenging of how can I toy each piece together to be street style. There always be a way to do that. Even a feminine dress, I can elevate the outfit to be the whole new level. 

Apart from street fashion, sportswear is something I always put on my body too. I love working out and love wearing comfortable clothes. I don't have time to carry or even change the outfit in the same day because I am just too lazy to do that. Therefore, I usually wear sportswear to go outdoor including department stores. Some people may feel awkward or look down on people with sportswear as "tasteless" I still remember the day which I wore sportswear from top to toes, and the BA in the stores looked at me as if I was far from the word fashion blogger. I think it's funny actually lol because normally I don't really waste my time considering how people thinking about what I wear anyway. Plus, if you look down on people then chances are others will probably judge you as well. Karma you know...nahhhhhh

I don't know, it just comfortable with sportswear, and I like it like that. Likewise, this Nike pair from Get The Label is one one of the comfiest shoes I have. I walk pretty fast (because sometimes I have to run after the bus lol) So, to wear proper shoes which do not hurt your soles is the best feeling ever! I hate wearing wedges for hours and come back home doing nothing but laying my feet on the bed. 

I love wedges but sometimes Nike is just better ;) 

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Photo Shoot with Grafea, Manchester


The photo shoot with Grafea was really amazing, and I could say that it was one of the smoothest photo shoot ever since it was all about street style

Some people may ask "Who is Grafea?" It is Manchester based brand which specializes in high-quality bag. Every single bag is designed and produced with premium leather that makes the bags even more durable. If you have a chance to check out Grafea's website, you will see loads of beautiful bags, as well as, camera bags and satchels. 

Believe it or not, sometimes I can be really shy in front of the camera. I don't know either I should smile or not, and I guess some of you may have the same problem like I do lol However, whenever I put my street style items on, I feel like myself the most. Similar to the photo shoot with Grafea, I literally felt confident about it. It was the 1st time working with Amy, the photographer&PR of the brand, however, everything went so well and we got along just fine. It's like a team work to be honest! We both love Graffiti and street art, so we spent an hour walking randomly just to find some cool locations to shoot. I worked backstage and in a studio before, so I did see some kinds of people who acted too divaism to cope with the shoot. Some didn't even want to move anywhere, while some kept asking for posh/glam locations only. For my bloggers out there, when brands give you an opportunity to work together, put 200% in it. It is good for yourself, also the relationship for the next collaboration. Some of my friends don't like Graffiti or can't even deal with street locations because they think it's dirty, but if they can't adapt themselves to certain situations, I don't really know how they can cope with their lives. 

When the opportunity arrives, "Give it all you've got!" Make the camera loves you, make the brand loves you and feel confident about it. 

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Event: Private White V.C.

On October 22, 2014, The Equinox Fashion was invited to an exclusive AW14 launch party hosted by Private White V.C., British based brand which actually has its manufacture in Manchester, United Kingdom. It wasn't just the event like any others since I could literally take a look at in house behind-the-scene process which was really insight and amazing. Also, personally I feel like the word "British brand" adds even more value to the prestigious of the brand since instead of having the products produced in China or Turkey, Private White V.C. has decided to have them manufactured here in Britain. I think it's like the heritage.

This was the very first "menswear" event I attended and I was really fascinated by how the brand organized an event to be such relaxing yet classy in the style of Private White V.C. I love the event like this more than some other bling bling events. If you know what I mean, some brands try too hard to please bloggers and other attendees. It is good but sometimes I just can't see the character or signature of the brand. 

I love this cozy ambience of Private White V.C. because it was so natural. There were only invited people so it made me feel as if I was attending a house party (But in more luxurious way) which was quite good. Not only I could take a look at all brand new Autumn/Winter 14 pieces, drink white wine, but also walk up to the 2nd floor which showcased its actual working area that you could literally see the patterns, garments and etc. It was really good I must say! 

 And special thanks to Pantheralla, Quintessentially English, Skinhealth Spaand Flint+Flint

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

Friday, November 7, 2014

Winter, I'm Ready x Get The Label

It is getting colder and colder in Manchester, United Kingdom days by day. For those people who live here all their life would totally fine with it  but for me I am literally freezing. From Bangkok, Thailand (my hometown) to United States or Nepal, Manchester is one of the harshest cases I have ever experience, especially its windy signature is killing me. However, thanks to Get The Label who has been my life-saver these days.

This Adidas jacket is really worth to have since it doesn't only resist to water, but also wind. Living in England, a windy country, means that you gotta prepare some clothes specially for the coldest season or you will be frozen. I have wide variety of jackets and coats in my wardrobes but most of them are only for fashionably situations. Scale from 1 to 10 some of the jackets I have purchased can only prevent the harsh weather in level 3 to 4. They are good when toying for photo shoots and party occasions yet worth to just be kept in the closets when the temperature is only 9c. 

The Equinox Fashion has received a broad range of clothes but this Adidas jacket from Get The Label is one of the high-quality one. I can say that this is the HQ item since I have experimented by myself. You know how bad it is when you have to go to university or work early in the morning when it is extremely cold. That's right, I have brought this jacket with me recently in order to try if it is really good. And the answer is "yes"

Adidas Jacket- Get The Label

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)

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