Thursday, April 16, 2015

Hancocks Manchester

If you guys remember when I mentioned in the post about my life as a normad travelling between London and Manchester, Hancocks Jewellery was the event I headed to after Manchester Arndale. I truly love the workaholic energy when I had to go to three events in the same day. Crazy huh!?

Hancocks Manchester is Manchester based jewellery shop providing a wide variety of magnificent and high-quality diamonds for "him&her." The Equinox Fashion was invited to the store and prepared with champagne surrounded by beautiful diamonds, I wish my mom was here with me since she LOVES wearing these elegant pieces! Even though, I am not into this type of woman's must have that much, my weakness is the emerald *smile*. That's right the green, emerald would be one of the best things I would love to buy and keep it for life, maybe it is the heritage passed from my grandma -> mom -> me. We all love "Emerald

However, Hancocks' products were so beautiful that I didn't want to leave the room! There were so many pieces I loved, especially the diamond earrings which were so pretty and sparkling! I don't really wear diamond necklaces due to my concern of my own safety, but I wear earrings most of the times. 

They are actually the items I can't live without though :)

Here are some of the photos I took during my visit at Hancocks Manchester.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sweatshirt is My Comfort Zone

"Sweatshirt is my comfort zone" I totally mean it when I said that because it is one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobes. 

I have been a street fashion blogger for almost four years (time flies!) and I can see lots of progressions in me including my street style which seems to be a bit different from the beginning. However, one thing that I haven't changed a bit is my purchasing behaviour. Call me crazy because I keep buying similar sweatshirts whenever I go shopping. In my heart, I truly realize that I need to stop this habit because I have probably 5 or 6 sweatshirts alike...well they are in different colours anyway lol.

Personally, I love purchasing sweatshirts from online retailers, especially street fashion stores because they always provide me as one of the customers a wide variety of cool sweatshirts that you may not be able to find in department stores. In fact, the quality of the products offered by some high-street retails may not be as good as online's. From my experience, I bought the sweatshirt from Topshop a while ago, and now I feel as if I wasted my money because the fabric and material of the product is so rubbish (meh!) 

Recently, I have got an email from "The Yub" shop, an online street fashion retailers based in Singapore, asked me if I would love to select any pieces from the website. Of course! I would love to because its items are so unique! Even what I am wearing right now is also from The Yub shop, this hardcore Monroe has been one of my favourite pieces so far because I haven't seen anyone in Manchester wearing it yet. Also, instead of choosing my signature black colour, I decided to go for the vibrant one. This pink sweatshirt is very versatile like I mentioned since I have mixed and matched with a broad range of bottoms such as leggings and skinny denim. 

It is such a good feeling when you eventually find the right shop who can provides you the right clothes which you can call your style!

Top- The Yub Shop
Earrings- Hidden Treasure

The Yub app also available in Android and IOS. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

"I Felt Embarrassed Wearing Traditional Outfits...So Elepprint was Born!"

The Equinox Fashion was born from my passion to street style, however, it also leads me to people from all around the world. Apart from fashion, getting to know others is what I have always wanted to do since life always surprises me in both positive and negative ways, sometimes you think you know certain people but actually you don't until the day you really have a chance to get to know them by having a conversation. To be honest, I am one of those perplex types of people, so just one conversation may not be enough lol I am extremely down to earth and funny person, but I don't really let anyone get to know me that easily. I am very open-minded person but it is not easy to live in this modernized society when you don't know who's being honest or who wants to take benefits from you right? It's not just about me or fashion bloggers out there, but I love to get to know more about the brands I have worked with too. Recently, "Elepprint" sent me an email and asked me if I wanted to style its t-shirt with the elephant symbol as the logo of the brand. I said yes because I am an animal person so I thought it was just another elephant conservation, however, I was wrong,totally wrong. 

The brand's created by Mong Vang who felt embarrassed wearing his own traditional outfits because his root's from Hmong, an ethnic group originally from South East Asia. Being Asian grew up abroad can make some people feel awkward too because you just look different from others. When I was young, I had a chance to be an exchange student at NZ and surprisingly those students at the college looked at me and my friends like we were aliens Lmao but I got the best host family and friends who took care of me, so I had such a great time. Anyway, the story behind Elepprint is amazed me because the brand's born from a strong passion of one person who wants to expose his ethnic to society. 

"My name is Mong Vang and I am the owner of the small apparel brand “Elepprint”. As a young minority growing up in America, I felt embarrassed wearing traditional outfits around because they were too exotic, so I searched for contemporary apparels with any essence of a cultural identifier, but unfortunately, there weren't any. So “Elepprint” was born! Like other branded apparels such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Locoste, logo is made up of an Elephant and Swirl embroidery at the left chest. The Elephant represents royalty, strength, power, and much more in Asia, Africa, Europe, and even in the Americas. The swirl is a design from textiles created by the tribal ethnic Hmong minorities from Southeast Asia. The swirl represents an elephant's foot stomp, which Hmong ancestors followed to the water source/survival. Color is a powerful way to radiate optimism and positivity, so our design comes in many colors such as Black, White, Blue, Red, Green, Pink, and other colors upon request. We hope to expand to polos, sweaters, hoodies, caps, pants, and so much more in the future"

The tee I received was made in MN and it is 100% cotton, it is a simple piece but very versatile when styling because I can mix and match it with almost anything. If any of you want to know about the brand, you can visit the website or Facebook for more information. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Adidas Gazelle

"Adidas Gazelle" will be the perfect gift for my dad because I haven't seen him for more than half a year, so I absolutely want to buy him something he loves. 

A few weeks ago, MAINLINE MENSWEAR contacted me to participate in the competition which the winner will be provided 12 pairs of Adidas throughout the year. Obviously, I couldn't participate in the campaign because it is only restricted to guys only *sad face* However, the company was kind enough to offer me a pair of Adidas Gazelle as I mentioned to them that I was looking for something for my beloved father. Even though it's not a father's day, this pair of Adidas would make him fall in love because he is a fan of sportswear. 

He has probably almost 10 pairs of running shoes because he loves jogging, so this pair would be number 11th. My dad has raised me in a manly way since I am the only girl of the family (well not include my mom) I have two older brothers, therefore we all obsess in working out routine. Personally, I am a fan of Adidas because I have been wearing a pair of its running shoes for almost a year. So far, my trainers are still in a good shape and I love the fact that the fabric of this brand is really light-weighted yet contains the high-quality of the material which supports my feet when running. 

FYI, it is very important to invest on the sportswear or any high-quality trainers if you guys are into working out. I have injured myself several times, especially my knees because my old trainers were rubbish. I was tempted by the price which was insanely cheap, but they didn't even support my weight, so I had to gave them to the charity eventually. Bye bye bad trainers. 

Once again, thank you MAINLINE MENSWEAR for the pair of Adidas Gazelle, I really love the colour which is so Spring vibe! 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bloggers Fashion Week

On March 27, 2015, The Equinox Fashion had such a great opportunity to participate in "Bloggers Fashion Week" hosted by Bloggers Love. Even though, it was the first time I took part as a blogger, I really had an amazing time networking with several brands out there. I was supposed to go on 26 as well, but I couldn't make it due to the errand I had to do in Manchester. However, it was worth to drive down to London for this event, as well as, the meeting with Warehouse which I had to meet the PR team in the next day. 

In my opinion, I think the event like Bloggers Fashion Week's a very good idea since it's not just about bloggers, drinks and freebies but also the connection that we all could cultivate the relationship with the brands. Personally, networking is very crucial in the fashion industry because the more people you know, the more connection you have. Exclusively, if we are bloggers, we need to talk to people and introduce ourselves in order to be known for the name of ourselves, also our blogs. As it can be seen nowadays that both bloggers and brands are seeking for the opportunity to work together as I mentioned in previous post that somehow bloggers can be the new PR in this digital communication system. Some people may ask "why do they have to present themselves in person and why not just emailing to the companies?" My one and only answer as fashion blogger and the co-founder of the brand (yes I am running my earring brand called Hidden Treasure) is it makes us as a brand to get to know you better. The brands are able to see your personality which can be measured if you are suitable for them.

At Bloggers Fashion Week, I met several brands and had a chance to talk to them in person such as COMB, Umberto Giannini, LipGlam, Tara Osborne Jewellery, Magnitone and MDMflow. Surprisingly, I just published the post reviewing the green lipstick sent from MDMflow 2 days before meeting the brand at the event. I was like WOW!

Here are some of the photos I took at the event. 



Tara Osborne Jewellery

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